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Having a dog is like having your own personal happiness machine. They care about your health and push you to get exercise. Dogs feel your pain, give everlasting loyalty, and teach us the most important lessons in life. All they ask in return is love.

Home Dog Boarding client in Walnut Creek

Sleep In A Cage? No thanks…

If you are a pet owner who lives in Walnut Creek, Danville, Concord, or any other surrounding East Bay city, we can probably help you out. We love pets and realize that life isn’t the same without them. Dog Godfather doesn’t just provide pet care services. We are dedicated to making pets as happy and healthy as possible, and part of doing that is making your job as a pet parent a lot easier.

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Home Dog Boarding

We have host homes located throughout the East Bay. Each host is home full-time, and has experience with owning and caring for dogs. All have been interviewed in their home, had an evaluation of their knowledge and experience performed, and had their homes and yards safety checked.

In-Home Pet Sitting

This is the perfect option for certain dogs, families with multiple pets or exotic pets, and anyone who prefers the added home security while away. We’ll visit your pets as needed making sure they are fed properly, have clean drinking water, and are given love and attention. Dogs will be taken outside each visit, and for cats, we will clean the litter box daily.Dog Paw

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Dog Walking

We offer several different types of dog walking services, and each one represents the best value in Walnut Creek. Need professional and reliable dog walking services but want to pay a little less? Introducing our “group discount” walks- a perfect way to save money and make dog walking services more budget-friendly.

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